Brian Armstrong

Big Annoucement Coming Up Later This Week!

Hey Folks,

Now that has the billing/invoice system setup and running (more and more people are starting to use it) I’ve had a few days to work on a project I’ve been pondering for a long time.

I don’t want to give away too many details yet, but here’s what I can tell you:

  • It’s a web app

  • Whereas focuses on a specific niche (tutoring) this new app will have a MUCH broader appeal and potential if it takes off - something on the order of Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.

  • In the pay vs. ad-supported debate this one will be completely free for right now. To be honest I don’t have the business model really figured out yet for this, but it’s something that would be REALLY awesome whether it makes money or not and deserves to be free for the world.

  • I’ve been thinking about it for probably at least two years, but I’ve just recently seen some developments which really made it come together in my mind.

  • I worked till 3 or 4 am the last few days on this, and even after trying to go to sleep last night I couldn’t because it was racing through my mind! I had to pace on the balcony at 5am and watch the cars to calm myself down.

  • This is a website that I’ve found myself wanting a number of times over the past year. This is really the best kind of business in some ways because you are creating it for yourself and understand the target market. Some people refer to this as dogfooding.

  • I will be asking YOU to help me test it out and try it later this week when I announce it. As always, I would love to get your feedback.

  • I am following my own advice on this project and launching the whole thing QUICKLY and INEXPENSIVELY to test out the idea. As you may remember, I launched in one month for less than $100 (to be fair I did the programming myself which I know isn’t an option for everyone, but there are alternatives to that if you’re interested). This project will be even better by those measures: I’ll have it done in ONE WEEK and for only 7 DOLLARS AND 95 CENTS. Literally my only expense so far has been the domain name and I don’t plan on spending a single cent more to launch this website (not even for web hosting). I’ll show you how I did that later this week.

And to top it all off I’m leaving for Argentina in about 2 and half weeks! Today I sold my car, and I’m wrapping up various loose ends on that front as well (insurance, selling furniture, putting gym/phone/etc on hold).

I was really reminded today of my post from a few weeks back about how time is your most precious resource. is turning into a great “water wheel” for me. It is running almost entirely on auto-pilot now with new tutors and students signing up daily. It’s making money and growing every day while I’m busy already working on the next water wheel!

These are exciting times to say the least. Stay tuned for the announcement later this week…I think you’ll really like it!