Brian Armstrong


This is the conclusion of my 30 day marketing challenge where I’ll share with you some of the results; both what worked and what didn’t.

All the graphs below show a two months range: the month before the marketing challenge started, and the month of the marketing challenge.

Here are the page views for the last two months. As you can see, thing picked up substantially (and fluctuated) after the marketing challenge was started, with the biggest day being early on with 2,191 views in a day. This was due to lots of people linking to my article on power napping. Page Views

Here is the traffic being sent from search engines. Search Engine Traffic

Here are the top sources of traffic overall and the top keywords. Traffic Sources and Keywords

Overall I received 541 new RSS subscribers, 20,478 page views, 35 book sales, and 198 comments during the 30 day marketing challenge.

Here are some things that didn’t work:

  • The YouTube video. It brought in only 7 visitors.

  •’s service which feeds MySimon and other similar “buyers guide” websites. My product listing there received zero clicks.

  • The majority of my efforts were designed to build links or for other SEO purposes, and its very difficult to measure how effective these were. Some of these helped my rankings in Google, and some didn’t, but Google prefers not to share this information for obvious reasons, so it will remain a bit of a mystery. Like most things in life, probably only 20% of the things I did accounted for 80% of the results.

In conclusion, I think the most important take aways from this experiment are that:

  1. The single most effective way I generated traffic in the short run was by writing articles for other websites as a contributing author. This alone contributed more than 80% of all traffic I got.

  2. In the long run, it appears that my search engine optimization efforts will be the biggest provider of new traffic. This takes longer to get going, but will most likely be even bigger (and requires less work) than writing articles. I suspect that my efforts during the 30 day challenge will continue to pay dividends over the coming months, especially after Google’s next page rank update.

Hopefully this can shave some time off the learning curve for others trying to get a new website built from the ground up!