Brian Armstrong

Day 10: Removed Bad Links, Earning $5639 Per Year, Tracking RSS Subscribers

Reciprocal Links For Blog MarketingThis is day 10 of my 30 day marketing challenge to demonstrate that blogging can be an inexpensive and profitable business to start.

Note that I got a permanent link to my website from John Reese’s Blog here based on the advice I sent him. There are a bunch of links on that page, but still, it will gain page rank over time and every little bit helps.

Here are the 3 tasks I completed today…

  1. I went through my LinkMachine program and looked at the page rank of all the people I was linking too. About ten of them had a page of 1 or “n/a”, so I removed them. The ones with “n/a” in particular are bad because that means Google dropped them from their directory. Google drops websites for behaving badly and it can actually hurt MY rankings by the fact that I link to them. The logic goes..if I have links to crappy websites, then I must be crappy. Hopefully removing those will improve my rankings.

By the way, it’s interesting to note that the opposite (crappy websites linking to you) can never hurt your page rank. This becomes obvious when you consider that I can’t control who links to me, and Google should never punish me for what isn’t under my control. You can also imagine a scenario where some malicious person who wants to hurt your website creates a ton of unlisted pages in Google and makes them all link to you. Google doesn’t want to make that possible, so they don’t penalize for who links to you, only who you link to (might have to read that a few times ;).

  1. In an attempt to get a listing on this website which lists bloggers salaries, I will give you a little update on my progress. This blog was started almost one month ago to date. It is currently averaging about 300-400 page views per day. My biggest day so far was over 2000 page views. Adsense income is about $2.50 per day, and I’m averaging about 1 book sale per day. I also have a Text Link Ads account installed on this page, which is another way to earn money, but no one has purchased a link yet. I’ve gained 298 RSS subscribers in the past month, bringing the total to 834 (a large number of people on my original email list did not stay with me in the transition). Anyway, at my current level, this blog is earning $5639 per year. After being on the internet for only one month, I think this is outstanding. With my current rate of growth, I’m sure it will be well beyond that in the coming months.

Hopefully this post information will be enough to get another back link to my site from Paula’s list of Blog Salaries.

  1. I added some code to track where my RSS and email subscribers are coming from in Google Analytics using Francesco Mapelli brilliant tutorial. I’m going to give it a day or so to make sure its working. Then I can launch my paid advertising and track how many of those visitors subscribe (a measure of the quality of the traffic).

I’m doing a pretty good job so far of getting keywords into the title, url, h1, and meta tags, but I realized while reading Darren’s article on search engine optimization for blogs that in future posts I should get those keywords into outgoing links, alt tags, and bold tags as well.