Brian Armstrong

Day 26: More RSS Directories, Alumni Networking, Alexa Screenshot Update

Rice University Alumni MeetingThis is day 26 of my 30 day marketing challenge to bring in new readers to this website and demonstrate that blogging can be a profitable and inexpensive to start.

My three tasks for the day were…

1. Added This Website To More RSS Directories

I finished submitting to the pages on this list. There were a lot and it took a long time.

2. I Attended A Business Networking Event For Rice University Alumni

This was a great event to meet people of all ages from my university, Rice. Some had graduated this year, and some had graduated 40 years ago. This was a good chance to use my business cards.

  • I followed up with a number of people by email, and included my link in the email.

  • I made a contact with one guy who is in the business of helping others start companies. There is a potential for partnering here in a number of contexts.

Take advantage of your universities networking groups!

3. Updated the Alexa Screenshot

The Alexa screenshot of the blog was out of date, showing my old site before it was even a blog. Since this image is used by Technorati, BlogCatalog, and others, it was important to get it right.

It was easy to to, just check out this Alexa Submission Form.