Brian Armstrong

Day 28: Amazon, Amazon, Amazon!

Breaking Free Appeared on TodayThis is day 28 of my 30 day marketing challenge to bring in new visitors to this website. I also want to demonstrate that starting a blog can be a profitable and inexpensive business to start.

My three tasks for the day are…

1. Updated Information On

My book on how to start a home based business finally appeared on today.

The images didn’t show up however, and the formatting of the text could use some work, so I spent some time correcting it. The text hasn’t updated yet, but the new images are there.

2. I Created a “Listmania” on

Listmania lists on Amazon represent a marketing opportunity (I got this idea from Yanik Silver by the way). I titled the one I created ”How to start a business”, and it not only includes my book, but many other popular business books that are out right now.

If I add the most popular business books to my list, that means I get to capitalize on the tons of traffic they are getting because my listmania shows up on each of their pages. I think my listmania list to gain some popularity though before it will start showing up. Amazon seems like it is only showing the top three for now, but I think the idea is solid even if it doesn’t work right away.

3. Changed the Sub-title of the book on Amazon

Notice that I also changed the sub-title of the book from “Fire Your Boss, Toss Your Alarm Clock, and Double Your Income With An Easy Transition Into Self-Employment” to “How To Work At Home With The Perfect Small Business Opportunity” for the Amazon copy.

Why did I do this? Keywords.

People search Amazon just like they search Google, and based on the keyword research very few people search for terms like “breaking free”, “fire your boss”, or “self-employment”.

I want my book to come up for the most popular searches on Amazon, so I put some popular keywords in the sub-title such as “work at home”, “small business”, and “business opportunity”.