Brian Armstrong

Day 5: First Page of Google, Bugs, Article Marketing

First Page of Google ResultsThis is day 5 of my 30 day challenge to build build traffic to this blog.

As a side note, I achieved two top ten rankings on Google! I am #8 (first page) for both keywords “start home business” and “start home based business”. This is huge, and is the result of some SEO work that I paid a guy to do about a month ago. I found him on, and from what I understand he accomplished this mostly through paid links.

I’ve been getting about 800-1000 visits per day the last few days, and subscribers are up to 792 after taking a major dip due to my switch to FeedBlitz and some technical problems.

Here are the three tasks I accomplished today:

  1. Spent a number of hours fixing bugs on the website. There was a bug in the email newsletter that went out. My apologies for that, I’m working to fix it. There was also a bug with the contact form on this page now showing up which I was finally able to resolve. These are not the sort of traffic building activities I want to be spending my time on, but it’s important to have a working website before sending more people to look at it.

  2. Since most of my traffic so far has come from being a contributing editor on, I decided to see what other contributing editor positions I could get at other blogs. The more traffic the better, so I went to Technorati’s top 100 blogs page and looked for related blogs. I sent in requests to (different than, but much more traffic),, and

  3. I wrote another article for which will be posted soon. You can see the last article I wrote for them here. It generated more comments than any other article I’ve seen recently.