Brian Armstrong

Entrepreneur/Hacker Meetup in Buenos Aires

Andrew Warner and I put together a little entrepreneur meetup last night which turned out really well.

Well actually, I emailed Andrew when I saw on his blog that he was in Buenos Aires, and he had the great idea to post the meeting to Hacker News.  It ended up being a pretty good turnout.

Buenos Aires is turning into quite the little tech entrepreneur scene.  As I wrote on Hacker News…

It does seem like something is brewing here. I think it got popular with Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Work Week where he talks about Buenos Aires…lots of founders came down here. It’s easier to bootstrap a web business because:

  1. costs are much lower here

  2. earning in dollars and spending in pesos means your money goes a long way (geo-arbitrage)

It’s by no means huge yet, but there is a band of renegade expat coder/entrepreneurs I’ve met up with here that are doing some impressive stuff.

Entrepreneur Meetup BA

Entrepreneur Meetup BA

Entrepreneur Meetup BA

Entrepreneur Meetup BA

Here is a sampling of the attendees (in alphabetical order) and the projects they’re working on.  Take a minute to check out their sites, there is some pretty impressive work being done by this group…

There was a lot of talent in the room.  Sorry if I didn’t get a chance to talk with some of you!  Feel free to add your info in the comments if you want to be invited to the next one.  Thanks!

Until next time, keep breaking free! Brian Armstrong