Brian Armstrong Is Live! (Help Me Launch It and Make Big $$!)

We’re doin it live!

Tonight I’m launching FeedmailPro!  It’s been tested in the wild and is performing well after a handful of tweaks over the last week.  Thanks to the folks who beta tested it and have been sending me feedback.  I also added the final features which were needed before launch, namely billing, the affiliate program, and a bunch more spam safe guards (which could be an interesting post in itself).  The site is also running much faster now that I upgraded the server.

This project has been a wild ride.  It was less than 4 weeks ago that this idea even occurred to me.  I was sitting there with no domain name (not even a company name), no billing system, no company bank account, no website, no technology, and not very much knowledge of what would be required.  Now everything is in place - if I can get the first paying customer before 1 month is up that’ll be a new record (for me at least).

I love how technology has made things easier and easier for entrepreneurs.  Ten years ago this company would have take at least a year to get started.  I was able to plug in dozens of pieces of technology that are powering FeedmailPro and got them all for free.  Open source software is amazing.  Ruby on rails also deserves a shout out for this.  Even the complete billing system and affiliate program are a combination of Paypal and code I wrote previously for  The mail server components, the web server, etc.  I’m using code from at LEAST 25 different projects and people to make it all work.  Each would have been it’s own small project in itself.  Truly amazing.  It would actually be interesting to create a list of all the pieces that went into it.

The Affiliate Program

Ok here’s how you can participate in the launch and earn a bunch of money doing it.  I’ve put together an affiliate program where you get paid $3/month for each customer you refer to FeedmailPro.  You get paid this amount EVERY month for as long as they’re a customer so the recurring income potential from this is awesome (and totally passive, very appropriate for this blog).

All you have to do it create a an account at and click the affiliate tab on the right after you login.  There is no separate affiliate account to signup for - every account on FeedmailPro has the affiliate option.  Even if you aren’t going to use the newsletter functions you can still be an affiliate with the one account.


After you type in your Paypal email address where you want to get paid, you can start posting your affiliate link.  The stats on the page will automatically update so you can see how things are doing in real time.  You can see I even provided a sample message that you can tweet out with one click (your affiliate link is already inserted) to make it super easy.  Blog posts would probably work great too since the target market is bloggers.

You can see how many people clicked your link, of those how many created an account, and of those how many became paying customers.  You get commission for paying customers and your Paypal payments will automatically go out on the 1st of the month!

Moving Your Newsletter Over

Not only can it make you money, but it can save you money too if you’re currently using Aweber.

I’ve already moved my feeds over and sent my last payment to Aweber.  Boy did it feel awesome to cancel, I am no longer beholden to their evil tiered pricing structure!  Here’s how you can experience the same utter joy and save yourself a bunch of money:

  1. Create an account at and add your feeds (either the RSS feed or just type your blog’s URL and it will find it).

  2. If you custom designed your own email template at Aweber and want keep it, just login to Aweber and go to Messages -> Blog Broadcast.  Then click your feed and scroll down to view the “Source”.  Highlight all the HTML and copy/paste it into FeedmailPro (edit your feed and choose the custom HTML template).  All the fields will work exactly the same so you don’t need to change a thing.

  3. Send yourself a test email to see how it looks.  Nice!

  4. To import your subscribers, login to Aweber and choose Subscriber -> Search.  Under View Segment choose “Active Subscribers”.  Then click the excel icon to save the file.  In FeedmailPro go to Subscribers -> Import and upload the file.

  5. Add your mailing address on the “Settings” tab of FeedmailPro.  This is required for Can Spam compliance.

  6. Finally, turn off auto-send in Aweber - you don’t want duplicates going out.  Go to Messages -> Blog Broadcast then select your feed and scroll down to uncheck “send automatically”.  Save it.

That’s it!  You just saved yourself $50 or $100 a month in many cases.

After a few days when you’re comfortable using FeedmailPro, cancel your Aweber account and treat yourself to a nice dinner with the money you just saved!

Until next time, keep breaking free! Brian Armstrong