Brian Armstrong Sent Over Half a Million Messages in the Last 6 Months

This is pretty cool. Was looking at the stats recently for and about 600,000 messages (blog posts going to email subscribers) have gone out since it started just six months ago.

  • 306 blogs with 132,844 total subscribers are now using the service

  • 9 paying customers so far which is a 3% conversion rate on a freemium product

The main untested theory behind the site, which is that you can let users import subscriber lists without another opt-in by testing the list first seem to be working quite well.  You can weed out spammers without punishing the good guys.

It has also saved people a lot of money who have switched from  I was previously paying $70 per month to manage the email list for this blog and one other with Aweber, so in the past 6 months has saved me $360 just by switching.

Maybe it can do the same for your blog?  If you’re looking for a more versatile email newsletter for your RSS feed (at a fraction of the cost) check out the site.

There is also an affiliate program.