Brian Armstrong

Freedom vs. Security

I’ve always struggled to explain working for yourself to other people. Some just instantly ‘get it’ and some don’t really see the point.

I think Jeremy Shoemaker hit the nail on the head with his post on Freedom vs. Security.

That’s all it is, which do you value more? Clearly I’m a freedom person, but I see now that entrepreneurship just wouldn’t make sense to someone who values security above all else.

To me this was the best part though:

I was talking to a friend who owns several local businesses the other day about this very thing. We both kind of agreed its a awesome thing that there are so many security people out there who are satisfied to work 9-5 and make their owners (or stockholders) rich.

If you aren’t willing to take the risks, then it’s tough to get the rewards.

I love it when a simple theory can be used to sum up a complex idea. Which do you value more freedom or security?