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How to Boost Your Adsense Earnings 94% Overnight

Two more of my guest posts came out today in the blogosphere.

The first is on and shows the results of some split testing that I did on this website. It is titled Split Testing: How To Increase Your Adsense Earnings 94% Overnight.

Screenshot: Problogger guest post

The second came out on and it titled 8 Essential Skills They Didn’t Teach You In School.

Lately, I’ve been simultaneously using less and less of what I learned in school while discovering more and more skills that are vital to success which were never even offered in school!

If I were to be 100% honest, probably the most valuable skill I learned in college was how to talk to girls (certainly a vital skill for happiness and success, but not what I was there to learn).

The economics classes? Nope, mostly academic mumbo-jumbo that is entirely useless to all but a handful of policy makers. The computer science classes? Hmm, maybe about 10% of that I’ve used, but it’s nothing I couldn’t have picked up with a couple good books, which I routinely do now. The history, English, philosophy, and physics? Aside from giving me a general understanding of the world and making me sound smart at cocktail parties, I can’t think of anything in there that I really use on a day to day basis.

Much of college gave me a bad taste for education. It made learning a real drag. I got through it to get the degree, but it wasn’t until after school that my education really began.

So what are the top skills that should be taught to every man, woman, and child who enters our education system? I’m glad you asked…

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As I’ve written about in the past, guest posts are a great way to build your readership on a blog.

Until next time, keep breaking free! Brian