Brian Armstrong

How to Find Inexpensive Health Insurance When You're Self-Employed

Here’s a question from a reader…

Hey Brian, quick question for you. Where are you getting your health insurance from? And how much is it running you?

Thanks, D.W.

Hey D.W.,

Inexpensive Health Care For Self-Employed People - Health CoverageIt turns out that finding inexpensive health care is easier than you might think, even if you aren’t working for a big company. I personally use Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and it runs me $68/month (I can’t remember my deductible exactly but it’s a little higher than average, I hardly ever get sick).

That’s not to say that Blue Cross Blue Shield is right for you though. I found them through and the entire process was relatively painless. They made it easy to compare vendors, and I’d recommend them to anyone selecting their own health coverage (self-employed or not).

A lot of people talk about free health insurance as a reason to work for a big company, but the argument never really made sense to me. For one thing, it’s not really free (it’s coming out of your paycheck in one way or another). But more importantly, getting “free” health coverage is hardly a reason to decide what to do with 1/3 of your life. It’s sort of like buying a car because it comes with a free oil change. You can probably afford to get a good oil change regardless, so why wouldn’t you buy a car based on what’s really important to you?

Are you self-employed? What has been your experience with health insurance?