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How to Generate More Profits Online

Remember a few days ago when I told you about the 23 year old millionaire, Neil Patel, who I called for advice?

Well it looks like he’s joined a group of other entrepreneurs for an online class that you might want to checkout. It’s called Online Profits.

If you’ve been looking for some good mentors in business, this might be a good start. Check out the list of talent they’ve put together for the class:

Michael Gray: One of the most respected Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts in the world, Michael started developing websites in 1997. On one of his projects, he worked with a major retailer and managed to increase its annual online sales from $10,000 to over $25 million. Michael is also a speaker in several industry conferences, including SMX and Search Engine Strategies.

Neil Patel: By the age of 21, Neil had already founded three Internet companies (including ACS, which is one of the leading Internet marketing firms on the web). He worked with organizations such as AOL, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard and Viacom, helping them make more money online. Neil was also named one of the top influencers on the web by the Wall Street Journal.

Yaro Starak: Yaro has created, managed and sold several Internet businesses since 1998. His blog, Entrepreneur’s Journey, has over 50,000 subscribers and is considered an authority on the blogging and Internet marketing niche. Among all his projects and businesses Yaro has a solid 6-figure monthly income.

Daniel Scocco: Daniel graduated in 2005 in International Economics and Business Administration. Right after that he started working with entrepreneurial projects on the Internet. Daily Blog Tips, one of his blogs, is ranked among the 100 largest in the world. Daniel has also provided consulting in Internet marketing for many companies and organizations, including the United States federal government.

Tamar Weinberg: Tamar has been involved with the social side of the web for many years. She is a power user on most social networking and bookmaking sites. In 2007 she was ranked among the 50 most prolific Digg users in fact. She also provides consulting in social media marketing and writes for several online publications, including Mashable, Lifehacker, and Search Engine Roundtable.

Hamlet Batista: In the early 2000s, Hamlet started working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and affiliate marketing. He managed to rank on the first pages of Yahoo! and Google for several competitive terms like “buy viagra,” and made millions of dollars as a consequence. Today he has his own company, which produces one of the most advanced SEO tools on the market, called RankSense.

Zac Johnson: At the age of 15 Zac was already making money online. He started designing websites for other people and companies, and soon moved to affiliate marketing. He become famous on the web after releasing the details of a website that he created and that generated $860,000.00 in profits in just four months.

Courtney Tuttle: Courtney spent two years working with an Internet marketing consulting company, and he had the opportunity to advise over 100 clients in different niches and segments. Currently he owns a wide range of mini websites that make money via advertising and affiliate programs, and he has a lot of expertise on keyword research and long tail Search Engine Optimization.

Nathan Rice: Nathan is a professional web designer, specialized in WordPress development. He released some of the most popular free themes on the web, and recently he co-founded a design company called iThemes, which is the leading provider of premium WordPress themes on the web. Nathan was also a contributing writer for several online publications, including The Blog Herald and Performancing.

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