Brian Armstrong

I'm Moving to the San Francisco Bay Area!

Quick post to let you know I’ve decided to move from Buenos Aires back to the bay area (where I grew up).  I’ll be moving in a few days.  I was planning to keep traveling for a while but a great opportunity came up to work on a new startup.

While I was back in the bay area for Christmas I randomly emailed some folks who had posted on Hacker News about their startup.  I went and met them for coffee and we ended up meeting for the next 6 hours!  We talked business and strategy, geeked out on programming skills, and talked about the future.  They liked my background in startups  and what they needed in a programmer was a good match with my skills.  Their idea is solid and has some big potential.  A week later they made me an offer to come join them and I decided to accept.

They are 3 very smart guys who just got funding for their idea, and it is a y-combinator company, something I’ve always wanted to be a part of.  The startup is still in stealth mode so I won’t post a link to the site yet (I will when we launch).  Their investors are high profile and the sort of people I want to meet.  The bay area is also the center of everything in the technology startup world right now, and I’d love to dive into that scene head first.  Part of me was reluctant to give up traveling the world for a bit, and technically it is a “real job” which conflicts with the message of this site :)  But it is a startup and my own projects will keep running on the side (luckily they run almost entirely on their own at this point - both businesses and investment property) and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get involved in this group.

In short, I can’t wait to get to the bay area.  Vagabonding has been fun for a bit, and Buenos Aires is a magical city that I won’t soon forget, but I can’t wait to see what opportunities lie in Silicon Valley.

Until next time, keep breaking free! Brian Armstrong

Image by Thomas Hawk