Brian Armstrong

Kicked Out of My Own Google Group!

This is unfortunate. I no longer have access to the Google Group I use for support on

It seems there is a known bug with Groups where people are getting unsubscribed. This happened to me, which in itself is no big deal. But when I re-subscribed by emailing the +subscribe address for the group, my ownership of the group disappeared!

This means I can’t moderate incoming messages and no new members can be added. The group is currently orphaned, without an owner, and there are pending messages waiting from customers that have gotten no response. I can’t even delete the group to recreate it since I’m no longer the owner.

I’ve posted to the Google Groups support forum to see if anyone could help. But it looks like they are swamped and I haven’t gotten any reply.

Googlers, can anyone out there help? Has anyone had better luck with an alternative platform for Q&A and customer support?

Former Google Group Owner, Brian Armstrong