Brian Armstrong

Selling Bridesmaid Dresses Online

My friend Ilana recently launched a startup selling bridesmaid dresses online.  It’s called

There are a few reasons I like her chances with this business:

  • Amazon doesn’t sell bridesmaid dresses (at least not well).  A good start for any e-commerce shop.

  • People don’t buy bridesmaid dresses like most products.  The bride has to choose some styles, invite bridesmaids to come review them, handle billing to multiple parties, etc.  In other words it doesn’t lend itself well to the typical checkout process and there are multiple decision makers involved.

  • This gives WeddingtonWay a big opportunity to nail the niche they are in and improve the user experience for an already stressed out bride (they appear to have done this with a guided process for the bride).

  • I imagine the margins on bridesmaid dresses are good.

  • The site has a high level of polish and top notch design/user interface.  I think this will help them target the higher end of the market.

The e-commerce game has largely been played out and won by a few major players at this point.  But I think there are still a few cases where it makes sense to do an e-commerce startup.  This feels like one of those cases.

Any other successful e-commerce startups you’ve seen lately?