Brian Armstrong

Some Random Udpates...

The launch of our Bitcoin Wallet app for Android went fairly well.  It got about 800 installs in the first week and Wired ran a small piece on it which was pretty cool.  We’ve also gotten a handful of open source contributions, and the app was translated into Russian, Chinese, and German within the first week!

I’ve been experimenting with a bit here and there with some excellent advice from Gabriel Weinberg and Naseem Hakim.  This was my experiment in inherent virality.  It hasn’t gone viral yet but I’ve been measuring the k-factor in various tests and learning a lot in the process.  Hopefully some more updates on this soon.

Joyce Hu’s has been growing nicely and getting some real bookings, so this is huge for her.  I’ve fixed a few things on the site here and there but for the most part it’s off and running nicely now, and I think her business is going to do really well.  Investors, get in early on this one.  She is going to be oversubscribed soon :)

Airbnb has been an incredible ride, and I’ve learned so much from the brilliant people there, making tons of friends already.  I’ve been heading up their fraud prevention effort and I’m about to launch a big machine learning solution (built entirely in the cloud using the Google Prediction API).  Oh and they just announced their B-round of funding ($112M).  With press and celebrities in the office weekly (along with our personal chef), this is the definition of what it feels like to work at a hot startup.  Revenue and bookings are growing 30% month over month.

And I finally got a chance to catch up with a few CarWoo! guys (Tommy and Erik) this weekend in San Francisco for a good old fashioned night on the town.  CarWoo! is doing quite well itself and they’ve got some big deals in the works.  Always good to keep in touch with these folks, and converse with talented entrepreneurs.  Apparently Erik is driving this to work now.

Have been doing yoga every week, and rock climbing on Tuesdays.  Can’t wait to get back in the office tomorrow…