Brian Armstrong

Television Reaches New Low - Produces "Hot Girls in Scary Places"

Right after I get done telling people how bad TV is, they go and prove me right.

E! decided to produce a show called Hot Girls In Scary Places.

Yes, you guessed it…this is literally a show where some cute girls go into haunted houses carrying pink flashlights. And….well, they film it.

Somebody actually had to pitch this idea to a room full of executives and somebody signed off on it, thinking it was a good idea, presumably investing a lot of money in it. I mean, can you imagine how this meeting went?

“Ok…well it’s sort of a show about haunted houses.”

“Jim, I just don’t know…I mean it’s needs something raw and fresh, it’s gotta pop on screen.”

“What if we add hot girls?”



Have you ever seen the movie Idiocracy? It actually really reminds me of that…a future in which entertainment is so dumbed down that you can produce an entire TV show with just clips of a guy getting hit in the crotch.

Speaking of which….I’m pretty sure Spike TV has a show that is even closer to that, which is basically about things blowing up. I think it’s actually called “Things Blowing Up” or something like that.

Other signs of our coming intellectual demise?

The other day the news reported that a vampire skull was discovered.

Now this is totally false of course (there was some indication that the people who buried the body thought it was a vampire - which is not really newsworthy - we’ve been well aware that lots of cultures have believed in vampires, just like people burned witches in Winston-Salem etc).

But that is not how the news reported it of course…they strongly implied an actual vampire skull was discovered merely for the sensational value and to get people to keep watching. It was completely intellectually dishonest.

Anyway, as I wrote about a while back the news is an utter waste of time and if you are watching it for any other reason than entertainment value you are kidding yourself.

Mark my words: TV is going to go the way of the Newspaper here pretty soon. When your average YouTube clip produces by some people with zero budget and a little free time is of higher quality than 90% of professionally produced television, people are going to stop watching.

Even today, you can install the StumbleUpon toolbar in your web browser and tell it what topics you are interested in. Then you can “stumble” across different video clips - the results are often better then watching television. Give it a try!