Brian Armstrong

The Most Awesome Car Wash of All Time

As part of getting ready to move to Argentina I have to sell my car.

Two good pieces of advice I’ve gotten:

  • Don’t wait till the last week to sell it even if you need the car. The cost of renting a car for a few days is negligible to the cost of having to take a fire-sale price at the last minute. - My Dad

  • Most people are too cheap or lazy to spend $50 and get their car REALLY well cleaned and polished inside and out before selling it. But spending the $50 earns you $500 instantly - its a 9,000% instant ROI. - Donald Trump

Anyway, today I took my car to get professionally washed and I stumbled across this AWESOME car wash. It’s called Mister Car Wash on Kirby in Houston.

They gave me free pop corn, and had a water cannon (yes a freakin water cannon) where you could shoot the cars as they went by. I mean… I think it was there for kids, but I thought it was especially awesome and I even convinced an old lady to help me try it out.

This lady was hilarious by the way…I wish I had my camera on when I first met her because I asked her how her day was going, and instantly replied (totally deadpan) “Well, I woke up breathin today.”

Anyway, here’s the YouTube video:

This got me thinking….if these guys can make a water cannon in their car wash, how can I make my business more fun? I bet they get all kinds of repeat business from mothers whose kids beg them to go there. Google is also great at making their business “fun” by the way and demonstrating some personality other than the typical “professional” corporate demeanor. They put an “I feel lucky” button on their homepage, they change their logo for the holidays, they take April fools day VERY seriously. There is something to be said for incorporating fun and a casual interface into your design. What do you think?

Oh yeah, and if you’re in Houston and know someone who wants to buy a car…check out my very clean PIMPIN 2000 Honda Civic for sale on craigslist post.

It’s sort of nice to do these things in the middle of the day when everyone else has a “real job” and only the retired folks are out to keep me company. Keep breaking free!