Brian Armstrong

Who Have You Taken Advice From and Why Does Their Advice Work?

An anonymous poster asked this great question on the Breaking Free forum…

Who have you taken advice from and why does their advice work for your specific type of business? It is important to figure out what exactly works for you and why, so that we can find the right path for each of us.

Here are my thoughts:

I have a simple rule for this that I try to follow: Only take advice from people who have already done it.

You wouldn’t have a fat trainer at the gym. But that is what most people do with business. They ask their friends and family who have never started a successful business in their lives.

Instead you should ask rich people. Entrepreneurs who have been successful so you can model what they did and see their mindset.

Regarding finding what works for you, I’ve often made the mistake of trying to do it “my own way” too soon.

I think when first starting out you should just copy what a successful person is doing, even if you think it won’t work or is wrong. Only later, after you’ve become more experienced can you start to innovate and find your own style.

Think of it like martial arts. You COULD come in untrained and think you will beat a black belt by doing it your own way. And you will get creamed. But if you study with the greats for many years, incorporating a little of each of them into yourself, then and only then after many years can you start to develop your own style. Your own style comes later with mastery, not at the beginning.

Business is definitely a complex skill just like playing the violin, building a race car, or getting a black belt. You can get the basics in probably a few years by studying the greats. You can master it in probably a few decades or even a lifetime.

I’ll probably be promoting more threads from the forum that I find particularly interesting.