Brian Armstrong

  • Coinbase

    A electronic wallet for the digital currency bitcoin. Went through Y Combinator’s Summer ‘12 batch and raised a 600k seed round.

  • Airbnb

    Here I worked on fraud prevention, the photography program, and internal tools to help scale the business.

  • University Tutor

    One of the largest free tutor directories, UniversityTutor is used by over 100,000 students and tutors each month.

  • Ribbot

    Ribbot lets you create better online discussion forums with reputation based communities and crowd sourced content.

  • Bitcoin Android
    Side Project

    Bitcoin Android

    Send and receive bitcoins from your mobile phone. This was my first experiment with Bitcoin and my first Android app. It’s no longer supported as I’ve switched my focus over entirely to

  • CarWoo!


    An online marketplace for car buyers. I joined as employee #2 after they finished YCombinator and helped build various parts of the product in the early stages.

  • TheBookr
    Contract Job


    Direct to talent booking for the fashion industry. Was hired by Joyce Hu to build this site - a great idea to disrupt expensive agencies in the fashion industry.

  • MyBestPic
    Side Project

    This was an experiment in inherent virality and Facebook integration that I did. Users ask their friends to help them select the best photo for their profile.

  • BuyersVote

    Collaborative online reviews. BuyersVote lets users collaborate to build lists of the best stuff. Now dormant.

  • FeedmailPro

    Convert your RSS feed (blog posts) into an email newsletter. This project saw some nice traction but I ended up closing it down and transferring all customers to MailChimp.

  • InboxSeo
    Contract Job

    Track your website’s ranking in search engines across a variety of keywords. This was a contract job I did for Chad DePue while living in Buenos Aires.